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Pocket Watches For Men - Guide To Choose Best Pocket Watch

If this is the first time that you are in the market for pocket watches for men, here’s a pocket watch guide from Gunther Watch Company to help you make the right choice.

Pocket Watches For Men With Quartz Movements

If accuracy in timekeeping is what you are looking for, then the quartz movement watches (also known as battery operated watches) are an ideal choice.

Quartz movement pocket watches for men operate by dividing time segments using a quartz oscillator, an integrated circuit, stepping motor, gear train and "trimmer" that regulates the frequency. These are powered by a small internal battery that can keep the watch running for up to 5 years. As the quartz oscillator vibrates in high frequency, quartz movement watches remain accurate within one minute per year.

These watches are available in two face types: an analog face with hour and minute hands, and a digital or LCD display.

Pocket Watches With Mechanical Movements

Many people consider mechanical movement pocket watches for men as the ‘authentic’ ones. Mechanical watches could be driven by over 100 minute parts. These are divided into three groups: the power source, the regulating assembly (or the ebauche) and the face assembly. Mechanical pocket watches consist of the barrel or main spring assembly which provides power and the escapement which provides impulses. The division of time is accomplished via an oscillating balance wheel and hair spring.

These watches also comprise a winding stem through which the main spring is wound and the time is set. The dial train drives the hours, minutes and second hands.

More sophisticated pocket watch models also comprise an oscillating weight that automatically wind the main spring if the watch is being used regularly. Today, the market also offers a hybrid version of a quartz pocket watch and mechanical pocket watch.

Purchasing Swiss Made Pocket Watches For Men

It is not uncommon to find that the Swiss-made wristwatch that you just purchased actually comprises parts that are made in China or other countries. These parts could be anything - right from the bezel to the case to the case back or the strap.

Oftentimes, the best indicator of a Swiss-made watch is the price tag itself. So, if you are being sold a ‘Swiss-made’ pocket watch for under $300, you have reason to doubt its authenticity. On the contrary, you can be confident that a $6,000 Rolex comprises genuine Swiss-made components.

In fact, it is important to know at this point that the Swiss government decides on the minimum number of Swiss-made components that a Swiss watch needs to have for it to be labeled as ‘Swiss made’.

Know About Right Pocket Watches For Men

When you choose a watch, you need to primarily consider factors such as the desired accuracy, frequency of use, and your budget. Here are some pointers to help you make an informed decision:

  • A quartz pocket watch has substantially fewer parts than its mechanical cousin and is the more accurate of the two. It is best suited for daily use.

  • If your budget is a constraint, then you could consider a watch with quartz movements as it is always less expensive and will in most cases give you trouble free operation for years before you need to change its battery.

  • If you are looking at an exquisite timepiece intended as a family heirloom mechanical pocket watches are second to none. What it lacks in accuracy, it makes up for in beauty of function.

This guide is intended to give you a basic idea of the different types of pocket watches for men. We encourage you to discuss your requirements with a Gunther Watch Company representative at Toll Free: 1-877-544-0814.




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